10 Bathroom Design Stand Out Decor Ideas

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Where bathroom remodeling and bathroom remodeling ideas can be simple projects integrated into reality, we now approach the task with more care and consideration, with the aim of creating a more welcoming space.

Often thought of as a purely functional and functional space, the bathroom has become a place that protects our personal well-being.

The bathroom should be an attractive and relaxing environment, well-equipped but without sacrificing functionality.

Whether you are planning to renovate your bathroom in general, update your bathroom, or turn an unused space into a luxurious bathroom, now there are many bathroom ideas to suit your needs, needs and preferences, from colors, materials, to finishing, and to form.

Before you start, think about the investment you want to make. Write down what you need (e.g. a non-negotiable bathtub?)

“Bathrooms are a lot more complicated than you think,” says Paul Rowland, CEO of CP Hart. “There are many behind-the-scenes mechanisms to consider when creating a space that is both functional and reliable.

Scroll down to see our favorite bathroom pictures and our selection of the best bathroom ideas, giving you inspiration to help you create the small room of your dreams.

In this Shoreditch apartment on the fourth floor of the former shoe factory, architects Chan and Earys used a mix of striped oak planks and traditional lime plaster mixed with pigment, natural green on the walls and ceiling. The result is a soft finish, which is then achieved through the indentation of the avocado green top roll marinade using Monopoly Water.

‘For a more pleasing decorative finish, all the little details will make your bathroom look luxurious. Leanne Robey, senior designer at Ripples, says to consider lighting in the form of pretty pendants and sconces, opt for bespoke furniture, and combine softer furniture, wallpaper walls, and soft pastel colors.

1. Use Natural Materials and Colors to Create a Striking Space

Image Credit Toby Lewis Thomas
(Image Credit : Toby Lewis Thomas)

Lime Oak is traditionally bleached and blended with natural green pigments on bathroom walls and ceilings.

The wood paneling offers a touch of warmth quality never before obtained from a standard paint coat that’s perfect for an incredibly comfortable and luxurious bathroom environment.

2. Double Shower for Spa Room

Untitled Design
(Image credit: credit 82mm photography)

Bathroom with double showers with Carrara marble tiles that place a seamless herringbone pattern on the inner walls.

An irregular layer of plaster is a natural complement to the On element. You can often find subtle glazes such as brass and marble on luxury bathroom floors. In particular, the Moroccan tadelakt bathroom wall idea, with its natural sand, provides a nice contrast to a flat, glossy surface.

3. Use Unique Tile Shapes to Create Mundane Drama

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms)

Seashell tiles set a beautiful backdrop for a brushed brass faucet in a green and pink bathroom.

When it comes to adding a decorative touch to a bathroom, there’s no denying the versatile bathroom tile ideas for floors, walls, niches or backsplashes. For a subtle look, consider the shape of the bricks, not the pattern.

Here, Joel Fry of West One Bathrooms has chosen a Zen Ca’Pietra marble mosaic, a scalloped design that forms a beautiful backdrop for the brushed brass faucet (the upholstery is carefully placed in the trap under the mirrored cabinet’s “sink”) reflector. wall mounted adds an Art Deco touch to this bathroom.

“I like to mix wallpaper and tiles because it’s a great way to play with size and give personality to an often small space. If I’m using wallpaper with a large pattern, I usually go for small-scale tiles – it’s all about finding the right balance,” says Kate Aslangui, founder of Oakley Moore Interior Design.

Installation is a manual task, explains Jamie Blake of Blakes London, who uses this finish for hidden showers and toilets: “You want to add enough movement to the plaster to create interest but not too much to make the end result messy. “To add an extra touch to the majestic element, the floors are covered in Carrara marble tiles with a herringbone pattern on the interior walls.

4. Create a Secret Wardrobe With Imagination

(Image credit: Katrin Vierkant)

Bathroom with kismet colored tiles

Whenever you are designing a bathroom from scratch, calculate how much space is required for the bathroom and be careful not to underestimate the amount. Items used daily should have open shelves for the bathroom, but everything else should be stored to keep the room quiet and well-ventilated.

This is especially true when something visible can interfere with the impact of the design, such as in a bathroom covered in colorful kismet tiles designed by Paris-based LSL Architects. The niche adjacent to the shower has been converted into a chest of drawers built from the ceiling and painted pale blue to match the brickwork. The ancient French basin was restored by a water monopoly. Tile

‘is a great way to bring color to the bathroom and is available in a wide selection of beautiful and affordable prices. To save money, only use the cover where you really need it, like in the bathroom, then use a brush and add color to the vanity and bathroom for extra warmth,’ explains Beth Dadswell, Imperfect Furniture.

5. Choose Bold Brass Items for a Striking Look

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

Freestanding Tub and Shower Bathroom Ideas

Brass is an essential part of any bathroom and should be considered as soon as you start thinking about bathroom design.

‘You can stand out in any bathroom, even the most compact bathroom, with a more substantial element, such as a sculptural sink, a bold sink, or some other bronze finish. Yousef Mansuri, Head of Design at CP Hart explains: A faucet is a product with a continuous flow of water. “They are the ones that are used the most and are capable of doing the most damage, so investing in high quality equipment that will stand the test of time is critical.”

6. Highlight Architectural Details Using Bright Colors

(Image credit: C. P. Hart)

Showed ride Little Greene

When deciding to decorate your bathroom, you can choose artistic bathroom ideas as a starting point and use color throughout the space. Remember that a waterproof formulation should be used if your bathroom is being painted.

“Remember to paint the ceiling the same tone or color to match the walls — you’ll be surprised how often your eyes look up as you relax in the tub”, advises Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director for Little Green.

7. Choose Organic Ingredients

(Image credit: Stone & Ceramic Warehouse)

Bathtub with built-in shelf

As organic materials such as wood and stone are becoming increasingly popular ideas for bathroom floors to evoke feelings of wellness and connection with nature. However, they are not always the most practical solution.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. “Now you can get the look you want without the challenges and care that real materials can offer,” says Jo Oliver, director of the Stone and Ceramic Warehouse.

8. Express Yourself in Decorating Your Bathroom

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Bathroom ideas with bright colors and bold patterns

The terms “vintage bathroom” and “maximist” tend to be mismatched, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t.

Now is the time to bring your personality into your bathroom decor. If bright colors and bold patterns bring you joy, then you will be more likely to spend time in your bathroom.

9. Choose Golden Sanitary Ware

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Bathroom ideas with gold sanitary ware in the sink and shower

Another way to improve the design of your bathroom is to replace the brass casing.

While chrome fixtures give it a classic look, popular finishes like gold and even rose gold can add an eye-catching element — and it’s one bathroom idea that can even get a makeover if you’re not planning on remodeling it. total. For example, wood effect porcelain tiles “can also be supplied in bulk, which reduces the risk of leakage,” he added.

10. Using Luxury Wallpapers on High

(Image credit: Future/Chris Everard)

Bathroom with dark blue walls and floor panels with whimsical wallpaper in

In this inviting bathroom, color block wall and floor panels allow for whimsical background textures with different textures. lamp. Meanwhile, the subtle tassel details on the curtains and towels help unify the look for a cohesive feel.

You can find lots of small bathroom ideas in our dedicated showroom if you like style.

How Do I Equip My Bathroom?

If you are wondering how to furnish your bathroom, there are several aspects that you should consider regardless of its size.

First of all, the basics. Every bathroom will need a toilet, sink, tub, or shower (usually both), including all brass fittings.

The layout of your space will determine the location of these items, as well as their size and style. Lighting should also be planned ahead of time, as ideally you need to consider ambient lighting and activity lighting. The same goes for heating.

Once you know what’s going on, you can start deciding on bathroom decor. Materials expert Fameed Khalique says: “The bathroom can sometimes be the last room to think about when decorating, and it’s easy to forget that it also needs to be a space to unwind, relax and entertain. .

‘Here, attention to detail and individuality can also be applied to other rooms in the house.’

Finally, once all the work is done and your new bathroom is ready, put some towels, soap holders, candles, and artwork to complete the look.

What Are The Trendy Bathroom Colors for 2021?

Alright, your layout is set, it’s time to think about trendy colors for the bathroom in 2021.

In line with the popular view that the bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, it exists now. shift towards warmer colors.

“The popular cool gray evolved into softer clay and cream colors, and trendy candy pink was also replaced by terracotta,” said Yousef Mansuri, design director at C.P. said Cerf.

“Following the trend of nature, wood is getting more and more popular, raw or recycled textures are becoming more stable,” he added.

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