Laundry Closet Ideas

Mia Tyers September 15, 2021 Laundry Room

Laundry Closet Ideas
Laundry Closet Ideas

If you want to make a room for washing today, in making the design you can add a laundry closets.

The following are some examples of laundry room where there is a closet as your source of inspiration, creating a room that can also be used for ironing and folding your clothes.

The Kitchen Can Also be Used to Place a Laundry Closets

Outhouse Laundry Unique Room
(Image credit: deVOL)

In the past laundry cabinets were often referred to as “outhouses”, because this is where almost all the dirty work is done every day.

Along with the development of the era, modern humans innovate again to create a useful old washing place design by paying attention to aesthetic elements.

Hidden Laundry Closet Behind Closed Doors

Hidden Laundry Closet
(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Efficient wardrobe placement behind sliding or sliding doors can be a good alternative to make the room look spacious, but still practical.

Open Shelving Makes Concept

Open Shelving Laundry Closet
(Image credit: Garden Trading)

The positive value of a wardrobe design without a door cover is to minimize the arrangement of washing containers, while the minus value is that you have to optimize storage to make it look practical and spacious.

Applying kitchen shelf design ideas for washing activities, is the right choice for putting things that are not useful.

Sized Units for Practicality

Kitchen Extension Laundry Closet
(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Utilizing a tall laundry closet with a charming shape, can be applied to maintain the beauty of your kitchen. High cabinets are a great solution for storing all your cleaning tools, ironing boards and vacuum cleaners.

Stylish with Offcuts of Wallpaper

Stylish With Offcuts Of Wallpaper
(Image credit: Kim Armstrong Interiors/Michael Hunter)

The right calculation in the installation of wallpaper and the use of paint for the laundry closet, can minimize the presence of waste materials that are wasted.

Positioning the laundry closet correctly can reduce the risk of fading even if you have to scrub inside for a long time, you will feel comfortable, right?

Directly From The Kitchen, Opt for a Dramatic Contrast

Image Credit Farrow Ball
(Image Credit: Farrow & Ball)

Deep dark paint for laundry closet Farrow & Ball and artistic ceramics, as well as the choice of white paint and wood floors in the interior design of the kitchen are our favorite choices. Translated in detail the two places are integrated with each other through the use of wood.

The installation of glass doors keeps the space looking intact and pleasing to you. The main idea is that gentle interactions create an eye-catching look.

Laundry Closet is Practical

Image Credit House Of Jade Interiorskate Osborne Photography
(Image Credit House Of Jade Interiorskate Osborne Photography)

Laundry closet can be used to place beautiful flowers that can provide a beautiful visual, combined with floor tiles and paint decoration.

It can bring out your freedom, with a design you like in our opinion.

Shiplap for a Shaker Style Scheme

Shiplap For A Shaker Style Scheme
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball )

Designing embossed patterns in a place can apply the shiplap method, because it is a solid choice for arranging a shaker style wardrobe. It’s smart to organize limited space for the storage process, by providing one or two shelves so you can attach cleaning brushes, wax stock, and wicker buckets.

A simple idea in your laundry cupboard, you can use the kitchen countertop ideas. Combining wooden tables of different colors, if only the white color could be a comparison. Stone and other hard materials are easy to maintain.

Bold and Beautiful Color Scheme

(Image credit: Mylands)

Even though small places are often invisible, you can imagine the idea of giving your favorite color even though it can’t be applied yet. A small wardrobe with colored streaks can eliminate sleepiness when doing activities, explained by Mylan (Haymarket No. 47).

Huguenot No.49 explains that the combination of magenta paint combined with orange can overcome the darkness of the room.

Laundry Closet as Much Thought as You Would Your Kitchen

Laundry Closet As Much Thought You Would Your Kitchen
(Image credit: Tom Howley)

At Tom Howley, a senior kitchen designer explains that the model error is combining wardrobes, according to Rhian Williams. Laundry closet is always in the last position in a design work, this creates a design ‘crime’. Behind closed doors they will always be found as a needed backup “overflow” into the kitchen.

How Do I Organize My Small Laundry Closet ? 

If you want to reorganize a small laundry closet, you need a place to put it that is loose and even looser. Minimalist space can be used as a partner for cabinets, hooks, wooden pegs, wooden rails. Placing an ironing board and high cabinet behind the door is the right choice, in an effort to make the floor always shiny. Separate items that are not useful, and choose items that are still needed. The washing place can always look neat, if you always arrange everything in order.

How do I Upgrade My Laundry Closet ?

Wallpaper and floors can be the right choice, in an effort to improve the simplest paint color change. Wall decorations in a short time can be changed with ship lap, and can be colored. To cut space and optimize storage of goods, new cabinets and tables can be the main solution.

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Laundry Closet Ideas

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