Victorian Hallway Tiles : 10 Mind And Hints For Duration Decor

Leah Appleton November 7, 2021 Interior Design

Beautiful but durable, Victorian hallway tiles are decrease again and inclusive of every sedation and pattern to your duration decor

Image Credit Armelle Habibdarren Chungalexander James
(Image credit: Armelle Habib/Darren Chung/Alexander James)

After an remarkable century and greater, Victorian hallway tiles are eventually getting the appreciation they deserve.

In the 19th century, intricately tiled flooring modified into a hallmark of stylish hallway mind, but with in the long term since, their beauty has been quite truly swept under the rug.

‘These difficult-sporting unintended tiled surfaces have over time been painted, included in carpet, or maybe had essential heating pipes channelled through them, but they’ve got stood the test of time,’ says Adrian Blundell, Production Director at Craven Dunnill Jackfield. ‘Victorian tiles in the meanwhile are coming decrease again into modern-day style and plenty of in the meanwhile are seeking to embody them in their very very own residential houses.’

Victorian floor tiling is typified through manner of way of the usage of small to medium-sized encaustic tiles in extreme colors, laid out in a mosaic style to create geometric patterns. Luckily for duration decor fans, there are organizations to be had that specialize in growing Victorian-style tiles, making it perfectly feasible to get the arrival to your hallway today.

‘Our Victorian floor tile patterns are crafted from person quantities collectively with squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons, in plenty of sizes,’ says Emma Hughes, Studio Manager at Original Style. ‘This permits for the arrival of enough patterns, from a smooth chequerboard to greater complex layouts that encompass a few quantities.’

‘Using person quantities moreover permits for extra flexibility upon installation, similarly to a greater aesthetic and actual finish, quality for older houses in which walls and floors may not be the most even. Back with in the Victorian technology, this is how the ones style of tiles were installed – it’s miles a actual craft and takes greater time than your not unusualplace tiling assignment but the finished cease end result is definitely properly really well worth it.’
Victorian hallway tiles

Whether you are attempting to replace an extended out of place mosaic floor, start from scratch, or style modern-day Victorian hallway tiles, we asked the specialists to percentage their hints for bringing a duration entryway decrease again to life.

1. For An Authenticity, Pair Rusts With A Hint Of Blue

Image Credit Armelle Habib
(Image credit: Armelle Habib)

‘If your reason is to recreate a Victorian pattern as a nod to the home’s history, pick a traditional sedation combination,’ says Hughes. For a format that fits seamlessly among your wider duration entryway mind, pick an actual sedation scheme to your mosaic tiles. Although the Victorian technology may not be extensively concept off due to the fact the most flamboyant, they loved to splash a piece sedation in their tiling: warm, inviting rusts, yellows and ochres were often punctuated with jewel-like veggies or perhaps sky blue like in this stunning example.

2. Keep It Traditional With A Chequerboard Format

Image Credit Colin Poole
(Image credit: Colin Poole)

‘For hallways, you can’t go wrong with a traditional chequerboard pattern,’ says Hughes. While chequerboard-style floorings have prolonged been a favourite for grand foyers, smaller format Victorian-style tiling way the pattern can look first-rate with narrow hallway mind too, as showed in this example. ‘Our ‘Dorchester’ pattern uses smaller squares for a greater complicated enjoy and ‘Oxford’ uses big squares to obtain a traditional look,’ she added.

Monochrome is an enduring favorite, but Hughes recommends thinking out of doors the box. ‘Popular in black and white, the ones style’s look cute in plenty of colorways – we like mixing three tones together collectively with gray, green and white for a greater modern-day look.’

3. Finish Off Your Pattern With A Border

Image Credit Darren Chung
(Image credit: Darren Chung)

A key format element of Victorian tiled hallways is the usage of borders which is probably almost as tough due to the fact the essential pattern itself. ‘Victorian tile borders allow for complex pattern subject areas to in form neatly inner difficult spaces, and are a first-rate solution for areas collectively with hallways in which many door openings and staircases interject into the space,’ explains Blundell.

And you do now no longer need a large the front hall to steer them to artwork either: this example shows that a vibrant, wide-set, contrasting border can artwork surely as nicely collectively in conjunction with your small hallway mind.

4. Use Modern-Day Tiles To Inspire Your Hallway Sedation Scheme

Image Credit Sims Hilditch
(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

‘We want to have an amazing time a home’s proper capabilities collectively with fireplaces, windows, or flooring,’ says Louise Wick steed, Design Director at Sims Hilditch. Not the quality want to you do not forget maintaining duration capabilities, but don’t forget how you could use them to set a tone for the likes of your hallway paint mind and beyond.

‘We retained the proper Victorian floor tiles with in the hallway of our Maven very own family home assignment, using them as inspiration for the sedation scheme threaded at a few level withinside the rest of the interior. Not quality does this patterned floor format pay homage to the home’s proper character and heritage, it offers a hint of shadeation to the space, drawing the eye through to the rest of the house.’

5. Choose Current Colorways For A Current Appearance

Image Credit Original Style Period Living Collection
(Image credit: Original Style Period Living collection)

Victorian hallway tiles in a current blue and gray colorway

If you like Victorian tiling however need to lead them to healthy amongst your extra current hallway thoughts, do not forget shaking up traditional colour schemes.

‘We provide a limitless quantity of styles way to the type of man or woman shapes on provide, permitting you to pick out from easy styles to bold, difficult ones,’ says Hughes. ‘You can use some colorways to reap your favored fashion, from cool greys and monochromes to blue, green, heat browns or even pastel tones which includes purple and yellow.’

In this situation from the Original Style’s collaboration with Period Living, on-fashion blues and gentle tonal greys create a current take at the anciental tiling fashion.

6. Keep The Relaxation Of Your Scheme Easy To Allow Your Tiles Shine

Image Credit Veronica Rodriguez
(Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez)

Victorian hallway tiles in gray, red, black and white with easy white painted partitions

‘Furniture, together with coats and plant stands had been traditional objects discovered in Victorian hallways, but preserving the distance muddle loose on the way to see the ground styles changed into paramount,’ says Blundell. ‘The identical may be stated nowadays and at the same time as Victorian tiles make a notable backdrop to current furniture, they’re additionally man or woman portions of artwork that make the most important assertion inside clean spaces.’

While hallway garage thoughts are important to preserving the distance uncluttered, attempt to lead them to as discreet as viable to permit your tiles to be the big name of the show. In this situation, sparkling white partitions and minimum decor take a step again, at the same time as a big cabinet beneathneath the steps offers lots of area to stash away coats and shoes.

7. Pair Victorian Tiles With A Real Stained-Glass Door

Image Credit Brent Darby
(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Victorian hallway tiles in an entryway with real duration stained-glass door

Tiled hallways can sincerely make an effect as a standalone duration function in a hallway, however pairing your floors with in addition loved portions of Victorian layout indicates actual love on your domestic’s history. In this entryway, an intricately tiled ground is paired with an in addition ornate door, with a lovely stained-glass window at its center, and panels framing the door as much as the ceiling. The ordinary layout scheme celebrates now no longer one, however key factors of Victorian indoors layout and craftsmanship (in addition to a traditional method to access desk decor thoughts), at the same time as preserving the distance feeling sparkling and current with white partitions.

8. Choose Black And White For An Elegant Monochrome Appearance

Image Credit Alexander James
(Image credit: Alexander James)

Victorian hallway tiles with black and white geometric sample

If it is now no longer a colour injection you are after, upload a smack of visible hobby to a monochrome scheme with a patterned black and white ground. Chequerboard works properly for a less difficult affair, however this domestic makes use of Victorian-fashion tiling to create an actual assertion function in its hallway ground, the sample veering closer to Mediterranean in its layout. Here, it is paired with crisp white interiors with darkish accents, however a monochrome ground also can paintings sincerely properly amongst trending gray hallway thoughts to create a few tonal contrasts.

9. Mimic Anciental Styles For A Real Layout

Image Credit Francine Kay
(Image credit: Francine Kay)

Victorian hallway tiles in yellow, brown and blue, with powder blue and purple partitions

For actual Victorian authenticity, you cannot get nearer than copying an actual nineteenth century layout — and there are numerous obtainable to pick out from.

‘A great range of businesses on the flip of the century had been generating those lovely Victorian geometric mosaic tiles and as such, anciental unique schemes have an exquisite variant, colour, and layout,’ explains Blundell. ‘Craven Dunnill Jackfield are lucky to have archive catalogues relationship again to the time of the formation of the enterprise in 1872. From quite simple schemes to ultra-complicated designs, Victorian tile styles cowl all budgets and are a great manner of incorporating colour right into a scheme and creating an anciental layout assertion.’

10. Emulate A Geometrical Mosaic With Patterned Encaustic Tiles

Image Credit James Merrell
(Image credit: James Merrell)

An encaustic patterned ground stimulated through Victorian hallway tiles

If placing collectively a full-blown mosaic on your ground is a touch past your expectancies on the second, there are current reimaginings that let you get a comparable appearance in a less difficult fashion. Patterned encaustic tiles are having an actual second amongst entryway tile thoughts, and it is viable to apply those coloured cement tiles to create a difficult geometric appearance with fewer portions. This instance indicates an easy repeating sample created the usage of rectangular tiles, however you could get even extra ornamental in case you like, or even create borders.

What Tiles Are Pleasant For Hallways?

As a high-visitors region of the domestic – and one which commonly has to conflict towards muddy boots and extra – it is vital to pick out a long-lasting tiling answer on your hallway ground. Porcelain is a fave for this reason, in addition to its cappotential to emulate different surfaces and the benefit of its cleaning, however Blundell champions encaustic tiles too.

‘Utterly long-lasting and lengthy lasting, Victorian-fashion encaustic tiles are absolutely undying and promise to face the take a look at of time’ he says. ‘Typically visible in anciental locations, they’re now being observed and preserved inside residential homes. For sensible reasons, encaustic tiles are smooth to easy and stylistically, they’re the right manner to contain sample and colour right into a scheme.’

What Are Victorian Ground Tiles Product Of?

Victorian tiles had been historically product of ceramic and the current equal nevertheless are nowadays.

‘Our Victorian ground tiles are product of clay and powdered glazes, then fired in a kiln, giving them a matt end in lots of colour options,’ says Hughes.

If you are taking into consideration going sincerely real and the usage of reclaimed unique tiles on your ground, achieve this with caution. ‘These are to be had through architectural salvage centres, but because of the great range of factories production geometric flooring withinside the Victorian generation there are numerous versions in colour and layout,’ explains Blundell.

‘At the flip of the century those merchandise had been batch produced and fired in coal-fired kilns. These kilns produced a huge variety of firing temperatures inside every firing and as such the tiles shrank to barely differing sizes.

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